Shipbuilding & Refitting Management

Undertaking a new build project for a vessel is a commitment that demands the utmost of quality control and constant monitoring. Supervising your build remotely is a major obstacle – until now.

At ALS Marine we offer you a dedicated build supervision service, complete with on-site inspections and project management, giving you the assurance you need that your vessel is being built according to the highest standards.

Every new build supervision team is made up of carefully selected key personnel and a dedicated and experienced Project Manager, with the necessary technical, operational and commercial experience to manage a vessel build project, overseeing its progress and keeping you informed every step of the way.

Together we give you flexible resources for new builds or conversion projects for any seafaring vessel. We guarantee 100% vessel specification from start to finish, whether it’s based in a shipyard, a subcontractor workshop or a manufacturer’s works, anywhere around the world.