Management Services

Owning a ship is a significant investment; regardless of size, ships (incl. yachts, commercial ships, tugboats etc), are valuable assets and require a strategically designed management service, starting from financial to crew management and running a well-organized plan. Our vessel management services will ensure that your yacht is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards, giving your investment the opportunity to perform at its fullest.

ALS Marine provide streaming and outstanding shore-to-ship support to ensure every aspect of your vessel is dealt with, safely and efficiently. Our experienced and qualified management team have skills, knowledge and experience across a comprehensive range of services. From cost control for a yacht’s operation and maintenance, to every aspect of operating it, we act with efficiency, transparency and, of course, accountability.

Additionally, if you are planning on commissioning the build of a new vessel, or the refitting of an already owned one, we specialize in shipyard services management, with involvement in various such scenarios and with a network that spans to many of the world’s best shipyards. Furthermore, our personnel consist of naval architects and ship mechanics that have excelled in their respective fields and can provide you with services of exceptional quality and efficiency.

It is our policy to operate all managed vessels in the safest, most efficient and fully compliant manner possible in order to meet the requirements of ship owners, design, flag state and class, charterers as well as the International Safety Management Code. Our solid relationships with first class suppliers, workshops and technicians ensure that our principals consistently receive reliable and high-quality service at the lowest possible price.